Who We Are

Muju Coffee Roasters is a Specialty Coffee Roaster in Cusco, Peru. We are a small batch roaster, which means that we roast frequently and do not maintain a stock of old, previously roasted coffee beans. When you purchase a bag of Muju coffee, you can be sure that it is only a day or two out from being roasted, so that the coffee you brew is at its peak for freshness and flavour! We take pride in using high-quality coffee beans that have a positive impact from farm to cup. Our works closely with farms, mills, and co-ops to ensure fairness and benefit for all parties involved. Ethical coffee that benefits our clients, the farmers, their employees, and their communities is a top priority. We have a passion for the craft and art that is coffee roasting. While many people tend to view roast profiles along the dimensions of “light” and “dark,” we believe that there is much more to it: knowing what happens to coffee when heat is applied, using our own senses, and carefully controlling each aspect of the roasting process is our path to impeccably roasted coffee. Our fully manual roasting system allows us to manipulate temperature in a way that promotes development of the bean at different stages of the roasting process. As a result, you get to really taste the intense flavours of the coffee, rather than just tasting the roast. We rigorously test and evaluate our roast profiles to ensure maximal extraction of the unique origin flavours inherent in each of our coffees. At our mobile café, we show our commitment to the fundamental technique and science that is coffee brewing. We take an unhurried approach to brewing our freshly roasted beans, using a methodical, carefully measured, and masterful set of techniques to brew perfection into each cup we serve. We are so excited to share our craft with you, and know that through our coffee you will be able to see, feel, and taste our passion!

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